Trade Skills
ML, Tensorflow, PyTorch
Job Type
Working Location
Fully Remote
Applicant Location


About the role

With our first hires, we believe in crafting the role around your unique skill set and interests instead of trying to force you into a too specific role.

Here's a broad overview of what the role is going to include:

  • You will be creating ground-breaking NLP-driven features to make Flowrite more accurate and enjoyable for the end-users.
  • You'll be utilizing the latest developments in the fields of AI and NLP. Flowrite's text generation is powered by GPT-3, but there's a lot that we are building on top of it.
  • You'll get to impact the strategic decisions regarding our product. We are at a perfect stage to actively explore different things – ultimately finding the models and solutions to double down on.
  • Based on your preference, you'll also have a chance to talk directly to our future users – professionals whose lives Flowrite will be improving.

About you

  • You have in-depth knowledge of NLP. You are passionate about state-of-the-art NLP technologies and about applying theory to solve real-world problems. You keep up to date with the latest developments in the field and are able to perform literature reviews and provide critical feedback on potential killer solutions for Flowrite.
  • You have the ability to transform your know-how into practical ML and DL applications. You are no stranger to Tensorflow or PyTorch. You know when your data is suboptimal and you take the appropriate actions. You understand trade-offs of different approaches.
  • You're passionate about our mission and want to be a part of a soon-international team that constantly learns, takes honest critique, and strives for the best results. You love the excitement of working on cutting-edge products and want to create something that is world-class – both in terms of technology and user experience.
  • You're a creative and critical thinker. You're able to find innovative solutions to complex problems. You have the guts to tell people "no" when something doesn't make sense or contribute towards our purpose. You also want to have fun while doing your job and value the importance of a cohesive team. You believe in transparency and collaboration.


1. Intro chat with Aaro (30-45min). The purpose is to get to know each other. We'd love to hear about your background and motivation, and we'll also go through the story of Flowrite and what we are up to. We can talk over Zoom or grab a coffee in downtown Helsinki – your choice!

2. Techy chat with Karolus (30-45min). The purpose is to give you a thorough overview of our product – tech stack, development process, roadmap, and more. You'll get to ask questions and we'd also love to hear about your sweet spot and interests within the areas we are working on.

3. Technical assessment (∼45min). The purpose is to learn more about your technical skills and your approach to building something Flowrite-related from scratch. This will consist of two parts:

  • Demo of your choice. You're asked to present something you've created in the past – whether a hobby or a work project. We'd love to see at least a part of the codebase used, if possible.
  • Problem-solving. We'll introduce you to a new concept/challenge related to our product and will ask about your approach to it. No coding needed, just talking.

4. Final conversation (∼30min). Before the final decision, we'd like to discuss some practicalities and hear about any thoughts or questions you may have come up with during the process.